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A Radically New Idea About Health – PART 3

It’s hard to imagine that a decision one would make for themselves could possibly impact – so dramatically – the health of others.  Aaron discusses how his decision to complete Ironman Wisconsin – becoming the world’s FIRST African American diabetic man – got the attention of others who were suffering.  He was amazed at the number of people who would reach out to him for help, advice, encouragement… just to speak with him and realize that he IS a real person.  He recognized their fear … the same thoughts and feelings he, himself, had.

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It was at this point that Aaron came to his own realization that he could make a profound impact on people simply by making himself available to them.  It seems so simple.  But, would it work?

Well, all it took was a friend – Jeff “JP” Patterson – owner of JP Hair Design.  Meeting friends in a place where “the guys” can feel free so speak their minds and talk about anything is important to help one be comfortable and be themselves.  And, this is where and how it all began.

Aaron explains how simply being present for “the guys” at the barber shop has caused a considerable shift in attitude, resulting in very serious conversations and questions being addressed without fear or embarrassment.  For more information, go to:

A Radically New Idea About Health – PART 2

Have you ever had a MONSTER goal before?

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How did that make you feel?  Was it so scary you never thought you would achieve it?  What was it like WHILE you were working toward it?

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More importantly, what was it like when you achieved the goal?

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It’s interesting isn’t it?  As you achieve a goal, you realize that there is MORE inside of you.  It is less about what the goal was, and more about what you became (realized about yourself) while in process.  We all know that this road is less traveled … and, it is certainly rift with obstacles.  However, the adversity teaches you lessons, and can set you on a new life trajectory you would’ve never dreamed about yourself.

In PART 2, you will appreciate, as Aaron reflects on his understanding of the nuances of his journey, that there is a bigger calling for his life – a calling to give to those around him – whether it be at work, or… the barbershop.  You can also learn more here:

A Radically New Idea About Health – PART 1

Have you ever had a significant health setback?  If you did, how did you respond?  Did you with the heart of a lion?

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Meet Aaron Perry. – a man with the heart of a lion.  Well into adulthood Aaron was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Aaron has not let that slow him down!  To the contrary, he’s stepping on the gas.  However, his journey was not without moments of doubt, lost confidence, offended dignity and frustration.  In this video, you will get to know the man who has accepted a serious diagnosis and refused to let it define him or control him.  In addition, through the many lessons he has learned while being an African American man within the “medical system”, he has embarked on a mission to raise the standard of health for African American men in Madison… and beyond.  He is in the midst of creating a really UNIQUE and COOL idea for engaging this under served group.  As you view this 4-part video series, you will be introduced to this “crazy idea”.  You can learn more at:


Nrf2 Activation for Pets

Pets in our society have assumed a significant role in our culture.  They are trained to care for the basic necessities of those who would, otherwise, struggle to do so.  They serve in both civilian and military protective service units.  And, of course, they are regular members of our families.  We love them!!

An unfortunate part of pets being assimilated into our regular lifestyle, is the prevalence suffering from diseases associated with the “human condition” – diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer… you name it.

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As part of this, it is no wonder that many people care so deeply for their pets, that they care for them more than they do for themselves.  Just like humans, pets can respond to Nrf2 activation.  And, it is a wonderful thing for a family to know that their family member will be around a little while longer!!

Laser Therapy & Health PART 4

We conclude our interview with Matthew Bekkering of Madison Laser Therapy by discussing ancillary methods that can – and should – be considered in completing the final phase of recovery.  As mentioned previously, it is critical that one take a proactive and engaged approach to their health as they begin this process…. and then, CONTINUE as you come into your “new normal” given that you have fewer/reduced symptoms.

It is a wonderful feeling knowing you’ve struggled for a long time and had feelings of hopelessness because you were getting nowhere with other traditional treatments for soft tissue injury.  It is FUN to feel your body move freely again and to notice that you no longer balk, nor hesitate, to re-engage with the activities you loved.

I am grateful to Matthew for his empathy and care and recommend him highly for your care… especially if you feel like you’ve exhausted all other options.  Good luck and BE WELL!


Laser Therapy & Health PART 3

Matthew Bekkering of Madison Laser Therapy takes us through the process of Class 4 laser therapy treatment outlining what one might expect as they walk through thoughtful, responsible treatment.  As with anything, a process implies that the person receiving must be engaged in the process and take responsibility for their contribution to the recovery process.  This is an often neglected element to soft tissue treatment.  As tissue is remodeled, it begins to regain/remember “normal” … it’s like a “new normal” especially if you’ve been plagued with a chronic course and having endured countless other treatment regimens.  Don’t take your health for granted!  Be – and stay – engaged!


Laser Therapy & Health PART 2

Matthew Bekkering from Madison Laser Therapy simplifies the process of what happens when having laser therapy.  He discusses the nature of change in activating one’s tissues to begin the process of reversing their unhealthy condition.  As I mentioned previously, for me, this became noticeable as a reduction of pain.  Many people look at pain as an “evil” to be endured if they are not well… something to be dismissed and/or ignored (read: take either a prescribed or over-the-counter pain-reliever).  However, if you think about it, the body is really doing it’s job in trying to communicate to you and with you.  Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t take the necessary time to move TOWARD the pain in an attempt to understand, or if they started the process, they lost patience and relented.  Don’t give up – stay persistent!!  This is the second of a four part series.

Laser Therapy & Health PART 1

I don’t know about you, but as a person who does anything he can to stay active, I find it frustrating to have to deal with those nagging soft tissue injuries that don’t ever seem to go away.  They almost feel like they become a part of you.  Can you relate?  For those who care about their health, it is not a fun experience.  I stumbled across Class 4 Laser Therapy and all I can say is WOW!  I’ve been amazed with the breakthrough I’ve experienced that has allowed me to push through some pretty nasty stubbornness in my hips.  Over the past year, I’ve really felt as though my life was about to change in a way that I was not at all ready to accept in having to limit, and/or, remove some activities that I LOVE.  In this conversation, I speak with Matthew Bekkering at Madison Laser Therapy who walks us through the technology – both theoretically and practically.  I am so grateful because the change has allowed me to move with more freedom with less pain (90% reduction for me; results will vary) again and expand my ability to choose what it is I want to do rather than having my body dictate to me what it can do.  This is the first in a four part series.

Hair Stylist Feels Less Pain

Belinda was in fear of losing her business because of the pain she was feeling. Nrf2 activation helped her experience relief in a matter of weeks. And, she is feeling more energetic, too!


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