If you’ve ever dealt with a medical condition that would be considered chronic, you understand the hopelessness one might feel.  In fact, in reading this, you may be feeling those very uncomfortable feelings.  Doesn’t feel very good … does it?

However, you may also be one of the “lucky ones” who made to the other side of their struggle.  In fact, deep down, you know all too well that luck played no role in the recovery process.

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Knowing that the struggle can be so severe, that some choose to end it themselves, it certainly pays to have a support group around you.  If you don’t have a group that you can tap into, make one!  The fortunate ones will have family and friends that they can lean upon, however, it makes the process just a little bit better if shared with others enduring the same experience as you.  Be RELENTLESS in the pursuit of better health.

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Optimal health doesn’t imply that you will never experience any setbacks.  Yet, having such resiliency may shorten and minimize the impact of those unexpected, and uninvited lapses in our health.

Here’s to your resilient health!