Stories.  Stories. Stories.

Everyone has a story to share.  And, often, our story involves the sharing of other people’s stories.  We are all connected.  It is virtually impossible to reduce our own path into something that is mutually exclusive from that of others.

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We are in a constant dance of giving and receiving.  Are you able to receive?  Do you give generously and selflessly?  Oftentimes, it is at our moment of greatest vulnerability that are eyes are opened to the need(s) that are around us.  But, were they always there?  Did we dismiss them in the past?  Did we even see them?  If we are honest, we might even ask ourselves if we simply ignored them.  Or, maybe we simply didn’t know what to do or how to do it?

I think you can agree that, in listening to Aaron’s story, he took to heart thImage result for the harder you work the luckier you getat he had something valuable to give back.  He didn’t wallow in self-pity.  Even now, despite repetitive rejection from “the experts” he is pressing on because … he cares.  When you care enough, you continue stepping forward.  People, places and circumstances present themselves as long as you remain in tune with your commitment.


This story continues to evolve.  One day, you will see community health clinics lodged with the local barber shop, and you will remember this story, and how it all began.  Until then, much work is to be done.  If you know of anyone who needs help, or if you can help spread the word about Rebalance Life Wellness Association just click here.  And if you’re looking for a great barber, click here!