It’s hard to imagine that a decision one would make for themselves could possibly impact – so dramatically – the health of others.  Aaron discusses how his decision to complete Ironman Wisconsin – becoming the world’s FIRST African American diabetic man – got the attention of others who were suffering.  He was amazed at the number of people who would reach out to him for help, advice, encouragement… just to speak with him and realize that he IS a real person.  He recognized their fear … the same thoughts and feelings he, himself, had.

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It was at this point that Aaron came to his own realization that he could make a profound impact on people simply by making himself available to them.  It seems so simple.  But, would it work?

Well, all it took was a friend – Jeff “JP” Patterson – owner of JP Hair Design.  Meeting friends in a place where “the guys” can feel free so speak their minds and talk about anything is important to help one be comfortable and be themselves.  And, this is where and how it all began.

Aaron explains how simply being present for “the guys” at the barber shop has caused a considerable shift in attitude, resulting in very serious conversations and questions being addressed without fear or embarrassment.  For more information, go to: