Have you ever had a MONSTER goal before?

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How did that make you feel?  Was it so scary you never thought you would achieve it?  What was it like WHILE you were working toward it?

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More importantly, what was it like when you achieved the goal?

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It’s interesting isn’t it?  As you achieve a goal, you realize that there is MORE inside of you.  It is less about what the goal was, and more about what you became (realized about yourself) while in process.  We all know that this road is less traveled … and, it is certainly rift with obstacles.  However, the adversity teaches you lessons, and can set you on a new life trajectory you would’ve never dreamed about yourself.

In PART 2, you will appreciate, as Aaron reflects on his understanding of the nuances of his journey, that there is a bigger calling for his life – a calling to give to those around him – whether it be at work, or… the barbershop.  You can also learn more here: http://www.rebalanced-life.org/.