We conclude our interview with Matthew Bekkering of Madison Laser Therapy by discussing ancillary methods that can – and should – be considered in completing the final phase of recovery.  As mentioned previously, it is critical that one take a proactive and engaged approach to their health as they begin this process…. and then, CONTINUE as you come into your “new normal” given that you have fewer/reduced symptoms.

It is a wonderful feeling knowing you’ve struggled for a long time and had feelings of hopelessness because you were getting nowhere with other traditional treatments for soft tissue injury.  It is FUN to feel your body move freely again and to notice that you no longer balk, nor hesitate, to re-engage with the activities you loved.

I am grateful to Matthew for his empathy and care and recommend him highly for your care… especially if you feel like you’ve exhausted all other options.  Good luck and BE WELL!