Matthew Bekkering from Madison Laser Therapy simplifies the process of what happens when having laser therapy.  He discusses the nature of change in activating one’s tissues to begin the process of reversing their unhealthy condition.  As I mentioned previously, for me, this became noticeable as a reduction of pain.  Many people look at pain as an “evil” to be endured if they are not well… something to be dismissed and/or ignored (read: take either a prescribed or over-the-counter pain-reliever).  However, if you think about it, the body is really doing it’s job in trying to communicate to you and with you.  Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t take the necessary time to move TOWARD the pain in an attempt to understand, or if they started the process, they lost patience and relented.  Don’t give up – stay persistent!!  This is the second of a four part series.