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Jude Sullivan, The Fitness Pastor, is a university-trained exercise physiologist. During his 30+ years he’s trained athletes, run public exercise facilities and published research that has impacted the health practices for patients, athletes as well as the general public. In spite of this success, he has witnessed ongoing decline in the health in men and women of all ages. After witnessing a loved one recover from a terminal diagnosis using nutrigenomics, he left corporate health. Most importantly, Jude is a husband, father and grandfather. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife, Kris, where he enjoys worshiping God and praising Christ, teaching movement, babysitting grandchildren, and make myself available to his entire family. His hope is to serve you and become your trusted source of information that will provide you with an unconventional approach to discovering health. All you need do is start by asking yourself one simple question. And, that is this. What is possible? A holistic approach that blends the body, soul, and spirit will bring about lasting results and fulfillment so that you can live your best possible life.

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The new horizon in health is cellular activation. Not doing so really puts you behind the eight ball. Specifically, activating our genes in a beneficial way by reducing “oxidative stress” – the most notorious “bad guy” that ruins ALL of our cells – is the most important key to health. It is common knowledge that eating proper, high-quality foods is smart. Doing so will result in the reduction of oxidative stress – the “bad guy” – leading to improved health and possibly a longer quality of life. Nutrigenomics, the science that food has on the expression of our genes, confirms this. If you are not activating your cells, you are putting yourself at risk for the possibility of developing hundreds of different diseases. However, it is not feasible for any of us to consume the quantity of food required to get the desired effect. For example, try eating eleven pounds of blueberries … daily. What I love about these products is the science backing their effectiveness. They are scientifically proven to do the job as if you really were eating the equivalent of those eleven pounds of blueberries! But, you want to know that they actually work. As you will read, we have shared many stories doing just that!

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